All sales are final and all products sold by Club Lusts Automotive are sold "as is" to the Buyer. The buyer assumes all responsibilities for determining the suitability of a product. While we make every effort to provide technical information and assistance, we have no control over the installation carried out by the customer or individual fitting the item, and modification.

All parts/items we sell/provide are aftermarket parts, they are not genuine. No where do we indicate that an item or part is genuine.

The buyer understands that all body kits & aftermarket parts may require some prep work before paint; we are not responsible for any extra incurred work, fees, material fees, storage fees or for unexpected labour your body shop/paint/fitting shop charges the Buyer. Pre-fitment before painting is required and voids all claims if not carried out. Fibreglass/carbon fibre/composite products may have some small imperfections like pin holes and the like that are beyond our control. All fibreglass/carbon fibre/composite parts we sell still need to be prepped and painted by a panel beater or someone qualified to do so. We will not be liable for any person/business/shop/professional that you may have to engage to fit or modify an item. If buyer wants to cancel purchase after ordering, regardless of what material or type of product it is, a 20% restocking fee will apply.

All parts MUST be fitted to your vehicle BEFORE any modification. This way you can check for fitment. We will not be liable/give a refund for fitment issues if you have already painted, modified or altered an item, as we can no longer sell the item if you have painted or modified it.

Buyer understands that all body kits & aftermarket parts may need modifications for correct fitment such as modification or removal of reinforcements, lights/side marker indicators, or shaving, moulding or adjustments of the item etc. Note that for our bumper bars that some do not mount to factory mounting points and some do. For ones that don't, you may need to make your own mounting brackets.

We shall not be responsible for any late shipments. Sometimes things happen that are out of our control. All shipping dates given are approximate only. Buyer shall not be entitled to charge-backs, reductions of price, or other offsets as result of late shipment or failure to deliver in estimated time of delivery. Any redelivery needed will incur an extra delivery charge by the customer. A $20 'change of details' fee applies for all name/address changes made after the booking process is finalised. If you do not purchase shipping insurance then we are not liable for any lost or damaged products. In the case that buyer has purchased shipping insurance and item arrives damaged, we must be notified within 24 hours and no repair work must be undertaken on the product or this will void the insurance bought. Note that in the case of a lost shipment, and customer wants to cancel order, no refunds will be refunded or given until we have had confirmed with freight company the status of the package and the case has been closed.

All parts for sale at Club Lust Automotive are recommended for show conditions, not for street legal used purposes. They are meant for pure off road use only. This goes for any item whether it be body kits, accessories, lights, etc. Club Lust Automotive does not endorse, nor recommend modification of vehicles for use on public roads since warranty or RTA regulations may be violated. Any buyer understands that aftermarket parts sold by Club Lust Automotive may void warranties.

Buyer understands the ramifications for having performance or after-market parts on a vehicle. Club Lust Automotive will not be held responsible for any misconception or disappointments associated with any of these parts.

Club Lust Automotive is not responsible or liable for any damages or possible injury incurred upon possible accidents due to driver error, incorrect installations, faulty items, bad judgment or act of God, etc. Any part not installed by a qualified professional will void any refund or return policy. Club Lust Automotive is not responsible or liable for any fees a shop may charge to fit/remove an item if the original item sent was incorrect, faulty or otherwise. While we always endeavour to make sure the correct item is sent, sometimes mistakes may happen.

Information about products on this site are in general non-specific in their definition. Product images and specifications are for illustrative purposes only and do not form any part of a contract between the parties implied or otherwise. Images may or may not be exactly what a product looks like. Images may vary in appearance to the item actually received. Note that sometimes a product may be slightly different than pictured. However we always try to have the most accurate descriptions and pictures available. Customers should satisfy themselves as to the specification of the product being ordered and clarify points requiring specification with a salesman prior to placing an order. By buying any item off Club Lust Automotive you agree to our all of terms and conditions.

Club Lust Automotive does not offer warranties on any products other than our 30 day policy. This is due to the nature of how automotive products are used and operated and the environment/s and conditions they may be used in.

Club Lust Automotive accept no responsibility nor will be held liable for damages caused to Vehicles / Vehicle engines / Property / Loss of life / Injury or injury to others as a result of fitment of any of these products.

Prior to fitting any product that uses double sided tape, sikalfex or similar, ensure your vehicle is thoroughly washed and clean ensuring the mating surface you are fitting the product to is free from any GREASE / WAX / POLISH or any other contaminants.

As surface preparation is very important, we recommend the use of a “Wash and Grease Remover” solution to be used on the mating surface as per directions on the solvent bottle you use. Failing to prepare the surface correctly, you risk the possibility of the product not adhering to the surface correctly & coming off. When fitting, apply firm but not excessive pressure or weight. We will not be held liable for how a product has been fitted to a vehicle. We will not be held liable for how a product has been fitted whether it is by you, someone you know or a professional. Our refund and returns policy covers the item itself, not how it has been fitted to a vehicle.

Any head light or tail light assemblies must be installed by an auto electrician. Failing to follow these instructions will void any refund or return policy we offer on the product. We will not be liable for any person/business/shop/professional that you may have to engage to fit or modify an item. Note that most head lights and tail lights available on our website may not be ADR approved and are for off road use only. Contact us if you want confirmation on a particular type of light. Any light with a tinted lens may or may not be legal in your State or Territory. Please check with your State or Territory if you're unsure before purchasing.

Club Lust Automotive are not liable to pay any installation fees charged by a professional installer, of any replacement parts sent to the customer if original parts sent were faulty. All installation or re-installation of parts are payable by the customer.

Most of our fibreglass/carbon fibre/composite products are made on demand, therefore PLEASE ALLOW at least 6-30 business days (depending on the product) for any product to be made and anywhere from 2-8 days for shipment, depending on where you live. All other parts we sell please allow 2-4 days for handling before they are shipped out to you. Note that items may be freighted directly from our product partners warehouses to the consumer.

Please note that any overseas orders shipped to an overseas customer (other than within Australia) are not covered by our normal refund/returns policy. If you are in doubt, please contact one of our friendly team.

Club Lust Automotive & its employees will not be held liable for any component failure resulting in Damages caused to: Vehicles / Property / Death / Lose of life / Limbs / Personal Injury or Injury to others as a result of. All aftermarket parts sold are intended for Off Road Use Only. All work should be carried out by a Licensed Mechanic / Repairer. If you do not agree with any of the Terms or Conditions set out above, please return goods unopened in the original packaging they come in for a refund minus freight costs. We reserve the right to refuse service/selling to anyone.